Irchester Narrow Gauge Railway Museum

Locomotive News

Peckett No.86

Ex Stewarts & Lloyds No.86 is currently out of boiler ticket.

The rebuild is continuing .

Boiler work has almost been completed

Raising funds for the rebuild is on going.

Donations are always appreciated.

Hunslet "The Rock"

Paintwork has been completed, along with new 'Works' plates and 'Hunslet' plate.

A new battery cover / compartment is currently under construction.

Ruston "Milford"

The engine for 'Milford' is currently being rebuilt after receiving some major work on the block.

As the engine had been removed for the work, the opportunity was taken to repaint the frames and engine bay.

Additional News

We are now concentrating on extending the running line,

to go along the side of the museum building.

The new track bed has been dug out and cleared,

and materials for the extension are now in place , ready for installation.