Irchester Narrow Gauge Railway Museum

Situated in Irchester Country Park, Northamptonshire,

Irchester Narrow Gauge Railway Museum

is home to a collection of exhibits and industrial artifacts,

which include, steam and diesel locomotives ,

a lifesize diorama of a quarry ,

along with many other interesting displays.

Entrance to the museum is Free .

Opening Times

The museum is currently closed to visitors.

Reopening times will be shown here.

feel free to contact us to check.

Why not help support the museum. Become a Volunteer !

Help is always welcome. Whether doing metal work, engineering, gardening or painting.

There is always something to do.

This year the museum is taking part in the People’s Choice Awards 2021.

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Membership is only £15 for adults , £12 for O.A.P.s\children or £20 for the family.

(prices are from Sept.2019)

Why Narrow Gauge ?

The gauge of a railway is the distance measured between the heads of the two rails.

Standard gauge, which is used on the Mainline, is 4 feet 8½ inches.

Railways which measure less than this are known as narrow gauge.

At the museum the main railway is laid to Metre Gauge (3 feet 3 and a bit inches ),

which was the gauge used by the old Wellingborough Iron Company to the north east of Wellingborough.

Additional gauges found at the museum are, 3 feet, 2 feet, and 20 inches (1 foot 8 inches)

The museum is owned by

The Irchester Narrow Gauge Railway Trust

– Reg Charity No 290673